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The parental hormone is one of the most important nutritional supplements for bodybuilders: dehydroepiandrosterone has probably been encountered by everyone who does serious sports. Not by chance: DHEA can raise our physical health to completely new levels. It can be useful for dieting, increasing muscle mass, and even helping to maintain libido at the desired level. Would you like to make your training plan even more effective while maintaining your youthful appearance? The anti-age, life-prolonging DHEA can contribute to this too. Take a look at Vitamin360's online store: you can find the dietary supplement that suits best your goals among our products!


What is DHEA and why is it so important?

DHEA is a prohormone that is produced in the body of both men and women, mostly in our adrenal glands. It is involved in more than 150 different metabolic functions, so we are talking about an essential hormone. Once it enters our body, it turns into exactly the hormone we need: testosterone in men, and estrogen in women. As we age, less and less of this anti-ageing, anti-stress hormone is produced, so it is important to supply it: we can also extend our lifespan with it. Its deficiency can cause heart problems, weight gain and libido problems, among other things.


The most important  benefits of taking DHEA

It is an indispensable supplement for mass-building training

Do we want to make our bulking workouts more effective? By increasing the testosterone level, DHEA becomes the real "big gun" of our training: with it, we will be able to exert more force, as it is also stimulates muscle strength.


Helper in our diet

As we age, our metabolism inevitably slows down, and this is often accomanied by an increase in our fat pads. However, one type of DHEA hormone, 7-Keto can provide a solution for this too: it contributes to more efficient energy use, thereby making fat burning more efficient.


Bone density enhancer

Bodybuilding and high-impact sports often result in broken bones. And osteoporosis is a threat to the older age group. But if we pay attention to the correct level of our DHEA hormones, we can avoid all of this: this hormone increases the incorporation of minerals into our bones.


Increases sexual desire

A six-month cycle of DHEA can contribute to the reduction of erectile problems: thanks to its testosterone-increasing effect, our sex life can return to the way it was before the problems. And in the case of women, 10-25 mg per day is needed to offset unpleasant menopausal symptoms, including vaginal dryness. DHEA can therefore be a cure for sexual problems of both sexes. 


Reduces inflammation

The source of many diseases is some kind of inflammation: it causes lupus, metabolic syndrome, autoimmune diseases and arthritis. If we suffer from one of these and start taking DHEA as a food supplement, we can reduce the inflammation in our body with it, and our hormonal system can become balanced again.


It keeps our minds fresh and calms our anxiety

DHEA can slow cognitive decline, which is a common byproduct of advancing age. Therefore, it can also be useful for people with Alzheimer's disease. It can also exert its calming effect on those suffering from depression, schizophrenia and anorexia.


Protects against serious diseases

Because DHEA improves our blood supply and the function of our blood vessels, it helps us avoid heart problems, blocked arteries and blood clots. And by stimulating our use of insulin and glucose, as well as reducing inflammation in our body, it also reduces our chances of diabetes and cancer. It also has a beneficial effect on HIV-positive people and people with adrenal insufficiency.


It strengthens our immune system

By increasing the number of our immune cells, the DHEA hormone also helps to maintain our health.


Dosage and possible side effects of DHEA

For our DHEA-S (DHEA-sulfate) value to always be fine, we must first know whether we have a deficiency or an excess of it. After we have investigated this and a possible deficiency exists, we recommend taking the following doses to preserve our health:

  • for women, the maximum daily dose is 25 mg, taken after waking up
  • for men 50 mg per day - 25 mg in the morning and 25 mg in the evening, before going to bed (this is how the active ingredient can exert the maximum testosterone - increasing effect

It is important that the amount described above is safe to take for two years.

In addition, there are certain diseases for which it is not recommended to use it: such as diabetes, heart disease, anxiety, breast or prostate cancer, pregnancy, regular use of antidepressants or mood enhancers, or if you are not yet 30 years old (beacuse in this case, our body still produces enough of it).

If we have taken too much of it, we can expect the following side effects:

  • the appearance of acne
  • depression, intensification of anxiety symptoms
  • excessive hair growth (hirsutism)
  • intesification of stress and addictions


DHEA products from Vitamin360

Dietary supplements from Vitamin360 are GMO-free and fit perfectly into any diet: the selection includes both vegetarian and gluten-free products. DHEA is available in the form of capsules, gel capsules, lozenges and "plain" tablets, so everyone can easily choose their favourite.

Life Extension and Puritan's Pride products are also available in our online store, from which you can choose the DHEA tablet according to your goals to support your immune system, build lean muslce mass, and achieve optimal hormone levels. 7-Keto tablets are the most suitable for supporting our weight loss, as they support thermogenesis (the production of cellular energy in the form of heat). 

Take care of your health - add one of our DHEA capsules to your diet today!