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Hormones are molecules that are produced in one place, but when they reach another place, they have different effects on the cells there. 

A hormone can have many different effects, interacting with each other, stimulating or inhibiting each other's production. Our hormone system can be thought of as a domino, balance is critical, if the level of one hormone is upset (overproduced or depleted), as a domino, many other hormones can follow.

Men's proper functioning is affected by different hormones. There are hormones that men produce in much higher quantities than women, hormones responsible for masculine characteristics and fertility.

The most important of these is testosterone, produced by the Leydig cells of the testicles. Testosterone is responsible for the appearance of masculine characteristics typical of puberty (mutation, hair growth, libido), for muscle mass growth, and also plays a key role in fertility by increasing the number of functional sperm cells (spermatogenesis). 

Normal testosterone levels are between 10 and 28 nmol/l (determined after blood sampling). In women, this level is much lower: 0.2-2.9 nmol/l.

As we age, testosterone levels decrease. Reduced testosterone levels can lead to hair loss, fat gain and impotence.

As we age, it is particularly important for regular athletes to maintain testosterone levels, as reduced testosterone levels carry a risk of injury.

A number of testosterone boosting and hormone optiminsing agents are available.

  • Tribulus: an active ingredient extracted from cherry melon, used specifically for its testosterone boosing effects.
  • Maca extract: promotes fertility, proper sperm count and function, enhances sexual desire
  • D-Aspartic (DAA): acts on the pituitary gland to help increase testosterone
  • Zinc: helps testosterone production. In a zinc-deficient state, blood testosterone levels may be reduced
  • Vitamin D: has an effect on testosterone levels and fertility. Evidence for this is that testicular cells are full of vitamin D-sensing receptors.

If testosterone levels are reduced after a blood test or if you are experiencing the symptoms mentioned above, it is worth taking testosterone boosting supplements.

Protecting the prostate is also part of men's health. The prostate is a small walnut-shaped organ in the male body that secretes a secretion responsible for carrying sperm, the two together make up the male sex secretion called semen. We also offer nutritional supplements to protect the prostate gland, which can help prevent prostate-related diseases (including prostate cancer).

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